Ingrown toenail treatment

Ingrown Toenail Treatments

By Steven Singh | February 1, 2024

An ingrown toenail is a painful problem whereby the nail starts to curve and pierce the tissue within the toe. Some of the symptoms presented may be:   Pain  Inflamed skin Swelling Discharge And eventually, infection This often happens when there is trauma to the toe, you have trimmed your toenail too short, or you […]

bunions treatment

Bunions – How to Treat Them

By Steven Singh | July 8, 2021

Bunions are bony bumps that appear on the big toe. It’s quite easy to recognise them, but patients often only notice them if they start hurting. Bunions can be swollen or red and even make it difficult to move the big toe. It’s good to talk to a specialist as soon as you notice a […]

kids podiatry

Growing Pains and Growth Checks

By Steven Singh | July 1, 2021

Why do growing pains “osteochondritis dissecans” occur?    Your child’s body is rapidly changing throughout their development. Although growth is usually steady and consistent, occasionally children go through rapid periods of change within their bodies or within their chosen sport or school activity.   Skeletal growth often called “growth spurts” and muscular tightness are two […]

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Flat Feet Check

By Steven Singh | July 1, 2021

What is a flat foot and what does it look like?   The term flat foot refers to when the arch in the foot is minimal or collapsed to the point where the middle of the foot is touching the ground. Pronation is the term used to describe an in-wards rotation of the heel or […]

Learn to Run Safe

By Steven Singh | July 1, 2021

Running Assessment and Video Analysis   Prior to planning for a fun run or an event, it’s essential to equip yourself with knowledge of the correct running technique. The poor technique we know can result in adverse effects on your body due to doing hundreds of repetitions otherwise known as strides every time you run. […]

Pre and Post Pregnancy

By Steven Singh | July 1, 2021

Prenatal   It’s vital as your body changes during pregnancy to pay special attention to your feet. This is because your feet will have to cope with increased pressures, a decrease in stability as well as the development of laxity within your joints.   Things you can do to assist during this period of time […]

Surgery vs Non Surgery Assessment

By Steven Singh | July 1, 2021

Although we advocate for non-invasive, conservative and holistic treatment options, there are cases where surgery is the best or only option that will assist you with your specific injury or condition. At Melbourne Sports Podiatry, we provide a complete end-to-end service addressing both pre and post-surgical treatment plans to assist you with your injury or condition […]

achilles tendon pain coming back

Long Standing Pain

By Steven Singh | July 1, 2021

Chronic or long-standing pain commonly occurs because a person has had a change in their health by a mechanical, physiological or traumatic event. Sometimes the events occur immediately and other times it creeps insidiously upon us over time. As a result, if the problem doesn’t get addressed appropriately by a pain management specialist in the […]

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Recently Injured / Recent Injuries

By Steven Singh | July 1, 2021

Long gone are the days of just using the RICE protocol for all new injuries. To promote faster healing with inflammation, strains and tears, new techniques have been adopted within sports medicine over the last decade to balance the correct amount of rest with the correct amount of treatment and active recovery. So rather than […]

Steven’s 5 tips on how to make your legs run faster

By Steven Singh | February 28, 2019

I have always loved moving fast! Since being a little kid at primary school, all I’ve ever wanted to do was run fast, bowl a cricket ball fast and watch fast cars. But speed itself didn’t just come as I developed and grew older. It came from being around parents, coaches and other athletes that […]