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The clinic of Melbourne Sports Podiatry in South Melbourne offers a wide range of services to help all patients with their feet, ankles and leg issues. We specialise in sports injuries and treatment of individuals within all age groups and physical activity levels.


At our South Melbourne podiatry clinic we can help with any of the following:


  • Foot and ankle injuries - for a new injury or a long-standing pain issue, we can provide an assessment, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Posture and support issues - in cooperation with a laboratory specialising in orthotics we offer custom foot insoles for sports and general wear
  • Kids problems - our podiatrists can diagnose and treat podiatric issues in children such as flat feet, growing pains, poor movement patterns and more
  • Painful joints and tendons - pain in these areas when exercising or walking is cause for concern as it may be a sign of an injury
  • Shin splints and pain in calves - assessment of these symptoms will help us decide whether you’re overdoing exercise
  • Surgery vs No surgery decision - we provide assessments and whenever possible suggest non-invasive treatment options
  • Pregnancy related podiatrics - consultations for women experiencing foot issues during pregnancy
  • Injury prevention coaching - running assessments, recommendations and general preventive consultations
  • Foot and nail problems - help with issues such as ingrown toenails, corns and nerve pain

You don’t need a referral to see our podiatrists in South Melbourne. Don’t hesitate and contact us, before your condition gets any worse!

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