Orthotics for Kids - How can Melbourne Sports Podiatry help?

Making children's shoe orthotics is an incredibly specialised area that is performed differently from practitioner to practitioner. At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we happily treat 100’s of kids each year with growing bodies that are looking to be in the best alignment during their developmental years. We understand the importance of alignment and how imbalances at an early age can affect kids in the long term.


Therefore because we understand kids are continuously growing, instead of creating a full custom kids orthotic (adult orthotic) we create what we define as a semi-custom orthotic otherwise known as a “Joey’s” orthotic. Joey orthotic devices are still created specifically for your child based on their foot and ankle measurements. And although the orthotic may not have the same durability as a full custom device it will still most of the time last long beyond the needed period of time for a growing body and foot.


Our Joey devices ensure as your child’s feet grow there is an affordable way to keep the joints within the foot supported and in proper alignment to facilitate better skeletal alignment for muscle development and balance.


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Are kids orthotic insoles always required if your child is in pain?


Orthotics are frequently NOT the first action taken when it comes to treating kids foot pain. At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we adopt a more conservative and long term approach where we endeavour on our first appointment to provide the correct diagnosis, the root cause of the problem and finally the coinciding treatment and treatment plan to assist rapidly with pain relief.


On some occasions, kids orthotic insoles may in fact be the first best option. However, very rarely is it done as the only treatment option.


When should you consider kids orthotics as an option? 

    1. If there is a family history of flat feet and joint pain in the legs and/or feet
    2. If you can tell your child has not responded to other treatments for a condition in the lower back down to the feet
    3. If your child is wearing down the insides of their shoes or complains of sore feet and legs regularly.
    4. If you notice your child is flat-footed or very high arched
    5. If your kid has foot pain

What are the costs of Kids Orthotics?

Kids orthotics are made from the same quality material as adult customised orthotics. Costs for our Joey orthotics are $400 and is covered through aids and appliances or podiatry depending on your level of private health insurance.


Within the fee, your child also receives a free measure for any joeys required in the future if they grow out of their existing ones. Joey orthotics are high-quality kids orthotics that are vitally important for postural alignment and are a great option for parents with growing children.

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Do your kids have to wear orthotics for life?


No is the answer in about 90% of cases. It’s not an uncommon question from a lot of parents concerned that orthotics will be a dependency for their child. The reason why the majority of the time we can avoid orthotics being a dependency is because if we address it from an early age the orthotic provided is accompanied with corrective exercises and movement patterns to assist and help correct issues with joint alignment.


So over time, the body learns to adapt to certain movement patterns in and out of footwear resulting in the ability to absorb pressure and loading of their joints over time.


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