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  • Sports podiatry - preventive and post-injury sports podiatry for recreational and professional athletes of all ages
  • New injuries’ treatment - new injuries require a quick diagnosis for the most effective treatment, from Shin Splints to Plantar Fasciitis
  • Chronic pain consultations - whether caused by a traumatic event or physiological reasons long-standing pain needs to be addressed
  • Customised orthotics in Richmond - tailor-made foot insoles bring the best results in treatment
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Pregnancy-related services - pregnancy-related changes in your body can be discussed during pre-and post-pregnancy consultations
  • Injury prevention coaching - learn how to prevent injuries when exercising and find out what you should be mindful of
  • Assessment of the necessity for surgical operation - discover whether you need a surgical operation or will other foot treatments in Richmond be enough to solve your problem
  • Running techniques coaching - running is a popular sport but to benefit from it and avoid injuries you need to do it right
  • Skin and nail care - painful toenail and skin conditions on your feet need proper care to avoid deterioration

We can also help those on the lookout for a kids foot doctor in Richmond. Contact us if you’re concerned about your kid’s leg mobility, flat feet issues, growing pains or anything else related to children’s podiatry.

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