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What are Knock Knees?

This is a condition where the knees are pointing in towards one another whilst the feet and legs are facing straight. This can be to the point where the ankles are unable to touch without the knee’s “knocking” into one another.


Knock knees are normal for certain ages!


Based on an average child’s growth patterns, knock knees begin to be most prevalent between the ages of 3 - 5 years of age. Prior to the ages of the three as babies begin to walk the legs are further apart to sustain balance and support their centre of gravity. And above the ages of 7, the legs tend to be straighter as the hips and femur rotate into a posturally sound alignment.

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When should you be concerned about knock knees?


There are 5 key factors relating to seeking treatment for knock knees.


  1. If knock knees are present in children under 3 or over 7 years of age
  2. If your child is developing an inward knee direction on one leg only
  3. If you have a familial history of knee joint arthritis
  4. If there is any pain beginning to form in the lower back, hips, knees and ankles.
  5. You have concerns about how it may affect their movement patterns and coordination for when they begin to play in school activities and sports.

What can we do for your child at Melbourne Sports Podiatry?

  1. Take the appropriate measurements of the legs to be able to review and compare improvements over time
  2. Look and refer for X-rays if need be to determine the integrity of the knee joint (x-ray bulk billing options available)
  3. Provide wedging in shoes, strength exercises and stretching to assist pain associated with knock knees
  4. Discuss surgical intervention with our affiliated orthopaedic surgeons for cases that are severe
  5. Give you peace of mind if there is nothing to worry about!

With no referral needed! You have the opportunity to address your concerns at Melbourne Sports Podiatry today. Our Sports Podiatrists are experienced with knock knees and many other conditions in the foot ankle and leg. So don’t wait, book the next available appointment today.


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