Ingrown Toenail & Bunion Treatment

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Whether you’re looking for an ingrown toenail fix or help with blistering, we are here for you. If you are currently experiencing one or more of any of the pathologies or conditions mentioned below, it’s important you have these quickly and appropriately assessed and treated.


Late treatment or ignoring the need for treatment will not only lead to further pain and discomfort, but may also put you at risk of infections. We offer ingrown toenail treatment as well as help with:



Bunion Assessment

bunions treatment

There is a wide variety of different and inexpensive treatment options besides invasive surgery that can help prevent or treat the formation of bunions. Prior to seeing your surgeon or GP, it is important to have a proper assessment taken so all valid treatment options can be discussed to give you a clear understanding of the short and long term benefits of each potential treatment. Melbourne Sports Podiatry will assist you in assessing both your foot biomechanics and your potential treatment options so that you are fully aware of what the consequences and benefits are of each option.

Sometimes, with ingrown toenails, if the problem is not too bad, we are able to treat and fix the problem ourselves without having to consult a Podiatrist. However, if the problem is left untreated, the situation can become far worse.


Ingrown toenail treatment is often is then sought after. The condition is incredibly painful and will generally present with one or both sides of your nails being red and inflamed. This is something that will generally get worse with time and no treatment. At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we ensure that you are given a proper assessment and if immediate ingrown toenail fix is required, to get you moving back on your feet again.


Cosmetic toenail surgery can be used for people who have a toenail or portion of the toenail that they believe is not cosmetically appealing removed. This is a very low-risk surgery that generally won’t keep you off your feet for any more than 24 hours.


We Accept All HICAPS Providers.

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