Learn to Run Safe


Running Assessment and Video Analysis


Prior to planning for a fun run or an event, it’s essential to equip yourself with knowledge of the correct running technique. The poor technique we know can result in adverse effects on your body due to doing hundreds of repetitions otherwise known as strides every time you run. Hence in order to steer away from risks, Melbourne Sports Podiatry provides a “MOVE BETTER” Running Assessment and video analysis appointment. We provide slow-motion feedback and step by step education to assist you in attaining a better, more efficient way of correcting running form.


In addition, Melbourne Sports Podiatry also provides exercise programs and mobility training exercises as part of a patient’s program. Each program is differently created by leveraging the running assessment to figure out which exercises and stretches will best suit the patient to correct the running technique.


Do you think you need help with correcting your running form? If you have been recently battling with uneasiness and discomfort in your feet and legs, or simply are worried that you may attain such problems then here’s your chance to get a step ahead. Don’t sit back at and hope it will all get sorted by pushing through pain and resting. Be proactive and choose Melbourne Sports Podiatry to move you in the right direction.