Sports and Custom Orthotics

Want to feel the amazing benefits of posture and support?

Melbourne Sports Podiatry works in conjunction with one of Australia’s biggest orthotic laboratories, Footwork, to test and develop orthotic insert designs that allow for safe and accurate foot and ankle correction - as well as providing optimal comfort and support. These custom made orthotics are moulded and created specifically in a way, which in comparison to your pre-fabricated orthotic insoles, are lighter, less bulky and more durable, all without compromising control.


Customised orthotics for sports and general wear are individually tailored foot insoles developed uniquely by different practitioners. Commonly misunderstood, orthotics have a greater purpose than merely to “support” the foot. At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we see orthotics as a tool to help align the joints within the foot so that the muscles above and within the foot are put into a position where they can generate more efficient leverage on the joint. This allows your bodies natural movement sequence to occur with minimal resistance and easier force production.


Dr Steven Singh (B. Pod) has spent a number of years not only practising the use of orthotics, but also teaching different design techniques and theories at La Trobe University.


Dr Singh understands that both your feet and your pelvis need to work together in sync to provide sensory feedback and stability for your body to have safe, efficient and strong movement. Hence sometimes you may find Dr Singh will recommend exercises and movement re-training instead of or in combination with providing you insoles.


The process of creating orthotics at Melbourne Sports Podiatry:


At Melbourne sports podiatry we see the orthotic as a design process that is developed once we have an idea of how you move and react to foot and ankle realignment. Hence very rarely will we provide orthotics on the first visit (unless requested). Instead, we will spend the initial session testing strength, balance and leaving you wedged, taped or with a movement pattern to practice for 2 reasons.


  1. So that we can identify how your body reacts with a change to tissue stress and joint positioning before we create an orthotic that does that.
  2. The more thorough our assessment the less bulky or rigid our orthotics have to be because we are aiming to correct a specific movement or joint alignment.

So stop living in pain, walking with poor posture or wearing ugly bulky supportive shoes. Align your feet properly and give your ankles, legs and pelvis strength and stability by facilitating the foundations of your body to work in its strongest most functional alignment.

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When it comes to concerns regarding hips, legs and feet, Melbourne Sports Podiatry is where you go to help get you feeling pain-free and back on your feet.