Triathlon and Cycling

Treatment of Triathlon and Cycling Podiatry related issues

Triathletes and Cyclists are among some of the most dedicated and hard-working athletes around the world. The cycling and triathlon communities in Melbourne are both incredibly close-knit.


With a lot more adults moving back into competing with either their friends or socially it means our roles as sports podiatrists become incredibly important in keeping you on the bike and on the track.


For cycling in particular there are two key reasons why a cyclist would visit Melbourne Sports Podiatry.


  1. Injury and Treatment
  2. Increase wattage output

Common Injuries for Cyclists

  • Forefoot numbness and nerve pain
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Patella Pain
  • Hip Flexor and Adductor Strain
  • Calf strain

Power to Weight Ratio:

The power-to-weight ratio matters because it’s a great predictor of performance. Power from a Sports Podiatrists perspective is best amplified (by up to 3-4 watts in some instances) with the introduction of carbon fibre orthotics.


As opposed to the generic options cyclists are offered when buying cycling shoes. Melbourne sports podiatry specifically crafts a rigid, super lightweight carbon fibre orthotic that reduces any movement between the foot and the sole of the shoe. This ultimately leads to a contoured plate for maximal force production.


Our most current athlete using the cycling-specific carbon fibre performance orthotic is Zwift Tri-Athlete Levi Hauwert who recently competed at Kona 2019.


Tri Runners

Off the bike and it’s time to RUN! Running is often the strongest or weakest field for many of the triathletes that we see in the clinic. Reducing the risk of injury with correct footwear, running technique adjustments and soft tissue mobilisation with either massage, strapping or dry needling tends to be our key focus points with our Tri runners.


Prevention and Treatment for Cyclists and Triathletes


If you are in pain or simply want to look at ways to prevent injury there is never a better time than now to have your body, training loads and footwear looked at.


All assessments are 30 minutes or 45 minutes for those patients who have had a chronic or resilient problem that until now has been “untreatable” so to speak.


Common Methodology behind Treatments

Our methodology at Melbourne Sports Podiatry is simplified below. Although all of our treatments are tailored based on the individual, the way in which we find out how to best work with your concern starts with the following process:


  1. Assess specific movement patterns based on the sport
  2. Assess structures between the lower back and feet
  3. Identify where the problem is stemming from
  4. Identify limitations or energy leaks
  5. Treat on the day and Plan ahead.

Common Treatments we use on the first appointment include

  • Sports specific strapping and padding
  • Footwear assessment
  • Soft or Deep Tissue release
  • Lower limb Dry Needling
  • Balance and Strength Programming
  • Running Analysis and Re-training
  • PNF stretching and Joint Mobilisation
  • In shoe wedging and modifications

Other Treatments we use include

  • Sports specific customised orthotics
  • Kids only orthotics
  • Joint adjustments
  • Advanced Foot and Ankle rehabilitation

We Accept All HICAPS Providers.

No referral is required.


When it comes to concerns regarding hips, legs and feet, Melbourne Sports Podiatry is where you go to help get you feeling pain-free and back on your feet.