Podiatry Costs

At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we endeavour to provide all our fees upfront so there are no hidden costs on the day of your appointment such as additional x-rays, examination fees, fees for using tape and/or inventory.


We pride ourselves on being transparent with pricing across all our services so you can have complete confidence in the expert service you'll be provided. Furthermore, we have a HICAPS facility onsite so you can claim back on the day from your selected private health insurance.


No referrals are required.


Common Appointment Types

No referral is required.

New Patient Assessment

$110 30 Mins

  • Includes comprehensive treatment

Comprehensive Treatment

$100 30 Mins

  • -

Long Appointment

$150 45 Mins

  • Highly recommended for new patients with either an extensive medical history, referral letter and/or scans

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

$225 45 Mins

  • Includes all costs for Local Anesthetic + $50 for additional nail sulcus or total nail removal

Specialised Appointments

No referral is required.

EPC Standard Consultation


  • The initial epc consultations fee is $55.40. For brief follow up EPC appointments the cost is $20.40

Brief Appointment

$75 45 Mins

  • Only eligible after recieving a new patient appointment

Orthotics Costs

No referral is required.

Orthotic Moulds


  • Only required once

Kid's Orthotics


  • No moulds required
  • 1 week turnaround from initial appointment
  • Super light weight orthotics for kids

Customised Orthotics

Sports Specific and General Orthotics

  • Kids U/14 receive complimentary moulds
  • Adults only ever need to be moulded once
  • Quality Guarantee for all customised orthotics

Orthotics Quality Guarantee

  • We retain a great relationship with our patients because we only create orthotics when there is merit too, thus leading to the confidence we demonstrate when it comes to our quality guarantee and pricing.
  • We will happily amend at no additional cost to you, any issues you may find with your orthotics within the first month of wearing them in.
  • We only use quality materials, casting equipment and prescription processes.
  • In the event you ever lose your orthotics, our moulds are scanned and recorded so that we can provide you with the exact same orthotics with no appointment or mould cost required.
  • Children that require custom orthotic moulds as opposed to the kids orthotics will not incur any casting fees after the initial mould. This is important in the regular event where your child’s feet grows out of the orthotic. In this event, we will re-mould the feet and subsidise the full cost of the mould saving you $110 on any subsequent visit.

We Accept All HICAPS Providers.

No referral is required.