Growing Pains and Growth Checks

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Why do growing pains “osteochondritis dissecans” occur? 


Your child’s body is rapidly changing throughout their development. Although growth is usually steady and consistent, occasionally children go through rapid periods of change within their bodies or within their chosen sport or school activity.


Skeletal growth often called “growth spurts” and muscular tightness are two separate changes that occur in development that can lead to growing pains. Growing pains are therefore often due to imbalances between skeletal and muscular growth.


Imbalances are particularly likely to worsen if your child spends extended periods of time in front of a computer screen or hunched over a desk at school. They can also be worsened by playing sports requiring a unilateral skill set without the correct stretching or strengthening routine to counterbalance their tightness.


What is the risk of leaving an imbalance:


Once an imbalance has been created, it can alter the way your child develops physically over time. Just like a tree with a mild bend in its base will grow towards one particular side. Similarly, a child with an imbalanced foundation could experience continued pain and even more imbalances in the future.


Growing Pains are not something you should expect children just to grow out of. Like any pain, there can be many different factors contributing or coexisting which are always important to rule out and treat.


How can we help at Melbourne Sports Podiatry 


Our growth checks are check-ups that not only assess your child’s muscle’s and joints but also allow for treatment to help re-align any existing imbalances and prevent the risks of any imbalances in the future.


Treatments will include: 


  • correct stretching
  • correct footwear advice
  • Strengthening exercises for the opposing muscles
  • X-rays in some cases to rule out blood supply related growing pains “avascular necrosis – osteochondritis dissecans”
  • A plan to help your child keep active through the period where growing pains a present.


With no referral needed! You have the opportunity to address your concerns at Melbourne Sports Podiatry today. Our Sports Podiatrists are experienced with growing pains and many other conditions in the foot ankle and leg. So don’t wait, book the next available appointment today.