• Have a problem stemming from the Foot, Ankle or Leg

    Have a problem stemming from the Foot, Ankle or Leg

    Unsure how to treat it? Leave that to us.

  • We work with Junior, Recreational and Elite Athletes

    We work with Junior, Recreational and Elite Athletes

  • We provide sports specific treatments

    We provide sports specific treatments

  • Orthotics both sport specific and custom made

    Orthotics both sport specific and custom made

  • Is your child flat footed or heavy on their feet Worried that it may lead to future problems?

    Is your child flat footed or heavy on their feet

    Worried that it may lead to future problems?

Sports focused Podiatry is different

Melbourne Sports Podiatry provides a tailored foot and ankle service that focuses and works specifically with the below:
  • All foot and ankle sporting injuries and rehabilitation
  • Kids with growing pains & poor posture
  • Sports, customised & kids orthotics
  • Joint and tendon pain
  • Shin Splints and Calf Pain
  • Inflammation and muscular pains
  • Chronic pain and arthritis
  • Bulk bill foot and ankle X-Rays
  • Dry Needling, Strapping & Massage

Focusing only on these key areas have allowed us to hone in on what are the best diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation protocols to save you time and money "testing the waters" with different opinions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, active or ambitious. If you have pain or a concern in the foot ankle or leg don’t hope it goes away with a general approach. Have it treated by our team at Melbourne Sports Podiatry.

No Referral is required to book in and see any of our foot and ankle sports podiatrists. So don’t hold off till matters get worse, book in with one of our sports podiatrists today.

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Treat Pain

Treat Pain

Ready to stop the pain in your legs, ankles or feet? Rather than waiting too long for treatment and risking more injury, get help from an expert podiatrist today. Melbourne…

Podiatry for kids

Podiatry for kids

For many parents, it is not uncommon to find concern in how your child’s legs and feet may appear or move during the developing stages…



Want to feel the amazing benefits of better posture and support? Melbourne Sports Podiatry works in conjunction with one of Australia’s biggest orthotic laboratories,…

Sports Specific Podiatry

Sports Specific Podiatry

Podiatrists will vary according to their niche focus. At Melbourne Sports Podiatry our primary focus is on addressing how we can help kids, recreational and senior athletes…

About Melbourne Sports Podiatry

Melbourne’s Sports Podiatry helps hundreds of kids and adults each year get back to moving comfortably on their feet by introducing a tailored lower limb service that leverages the most effective ways to treat the foot, ankle and leg with both holistic and non-holistic treatments.

Melbourne Sports Podiatry is founded and directed by Dr. Steven Singh (Sports Podiatrist) who completed his clinical podiatry studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne in 2011. In addition, he attained both his certificates 3 & 4 in fitness in the same year to further increase his expertise in the areas of end stage rehabilitation and the treatment of musculoskeletal pain for sports related injuries in the foot, ankle and leg. 

Since 2011, Steven has been recognized by AHPRA for Podiatric Clinical Services. Furthermore from 2014-2017, Steven worked as a senior student podiatry educator. In this period of time Steven provided weekly training to senior undergraduate students at La Trobe University in a range of fields including clinical technique, orthotic creation and movement biomechanics...Continue..

When it comes to all things in the legs and feet Melbourne Sports Podiatry is where you can go to help get you pain free and back on your feet

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