Bunions Treatment

bunions treatment

Bunions Treatment

Bunions (also known as hallux valgus) are bony bumps that appear on the big toe. It’s quite easy to recognise them, but patients often only notice them if they start hurting. Bunions can be swollen or red and even make it difficult to move the big toe. It’s good to talk to a specialist as soon as you notice a bunion.


What Causes Bunions


There are many causes of this condition. The good news is that the treatment may be much simpler and cheaper than you think. Sometimes small life adjustments such as a change of shoes or foot padding may help to alleviate the symptoms.


Regardless of the severity of your case, the faster you consult a specialist, the sooner you’ll be walking with ease. The decision on how to treat bunions in a patient depends on many factors. This is because not all bunions are caused by footwear. For instance, you as a person may be more prone to develop this condition due to the way your feet are shaped.


Another reason for your bunions may be an underlying disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. Different causes call for different treatment which is why a professional bunion assessment is crucial.

Top view of bare feet of a woman suffering from hallux valgus.

Bunions’ Assessment


Before we can decide how to treat bunions, we need to assess the condition first and make the right diagnosis. Diagnosing this toe abnormality is usually possible during your consultation. However, an X-ray may be required to assess whether the joints are affected by your bunions. How to treat your foot will be decided on the basis of such an assessment.


As we’ve mentioned, treatments differ depending on the severity of the condition and many other factors such as lifestyle and biomechanics. There are many options for non-invasive treatments.


At Melbourne Sports Podiatry, whenever it’s a viable option, we choose holistic solutions. It happens that the answer to treating bunions for a given patient is “surgery”. This is the last resort, only chosen when all other alternatives have failed or the condition is very serious.


This may happen, for instance, when the pain is such that a patient can’t walk comfortably even after the treatment.

How to Relieve Bunion Pain


Relieving bunion pain can be achieved in many ways. If you’re experiencing bunion pain, you should seek professional help. When bunions are formed they are unlikely to just disappear. Ignoring the problem is a short-term solution. Instead of experimenting on yourself, you should consult a specialist.


At Melbourne Sports Podiatry, we have experience with treating various foot, ankle and lower leg conditions. Bunions are relatively common in the population, and our specialists can help you deal with both the pain and the underlying cause of it.


Whether you’ve been struggling with bunions for a while or it’s a new condition, schedule an appointment with us to relieve bunion pain as soon as possible.


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