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Are you looking for a trusted podiatrist in Bentleigh? We realise it’s not easy to find a specialist you can trust. Melbourne Sports Podiatry is a clinic with years of experience in treating all sorts of foot, ankle and lower limb problems and conditions. We are conveniently based in New Street in Brighton just a few streets away from you.


We don’t make empty promises. Our passion is helping patients of all athletic profiles and ages to feel comfortable in their bodies when walking and exercising. It doesn’t matter how often you work out or how important it is in your life. If you’re experiencing pain during physical activity or moving around, it’s the right time to contact a specialist.


Our founder, Steven Singh, enjoys various physical activities. As a young man, he played representative sport. Unfortunately, he suffered from serious injuries and had to limit his commitments. He decided to study podiatry at La Trobe University, seeing it as a way of helping himself and others.


Melbourne Sports Podiatry is a clinic run with a vision. Our focus on sports podiatry doesn’t prevent us from being specialists in orthotics as well as in posture problems in children. Would you like to make sure that you’re exercising correctly? We can help you do that with our preventive care services aimed at teaching running techniques as well as assessing your injury risk during a prevention screening.


Our podiatrist near Bentleigh can assist you with:

  • Rehabilitation, dry needling, strapping and massage
  • Myotherapy
  • Sports injuries
  • Fresh injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Podiatric issues in children
  • Choosing and supplying custom orthotic insoles
  • Pregnancy-related podiatry
  • X-rays

You can visit our clinic 6 days a week with the exclusion of Sundays. Our team is available for in-person and telehealth appointments. No referral is needed before a consultation. Book it online today!


Orthotics For Bentleigh Patients

Our founder is not only an experienced orthotic practitioner, but also a former educator in insoles’ design theory and strategies. His expertise helps us create customised orthotics for sports as well as general use. To increase the efficacy of the treatment you may also be asked to focus on retraining or certain exercises.

To ensure an improved alignment of the foot for a healthier movement and posture, the pre-treatment assessment is highly personalised. Each patient has different needs, wishes and medical history. This is why apart from a conversation, an assessment consists of testing your strengths and weaknesses.

A careful evaluation of your condition allows us to create custom-made orthotic insoles that complement your lifestyle. Bulky and rigid orthotics are not necessary when we get to the bottom of the issue, knowing which movement or lack of alignment has to be addressed specifically.

If you’re looking for orthotics near Bentleigh, contact our Brighton clinic for assistance. You can email us, call us or use our online contact form. Most importantly, you get professional help from someone who has your best interest in mind not far from your home.

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