Injury Prevention Assessment

Melbourne Sports Podiatry encourages kids and adults to visit our clinic even if they aren’t in pain or have a concern. Often being proactive serves as the best way to avoid issues in the future. Thus our injury prevention screening is a way in which we look to help our patients decrease their risk of future problems and injuries. 

Injury prevention assessments require you to bring the following: 

  • Your most commonly worn footwear
  • Clothing which is easy to move in
  • A copy of any previous injuries or scans
  • An idea of your goals and current training schedule

In the assessment you can expect to move and be tested through a number of exercises. Although it is not an active workout that will make you sweat, we do encourage you to be ready to move. This will allow us at Melbourne Sports Podiatry to record a more accurate read on your joint mechanics under load and mild fatigue.

Injury Prevention Specialist Windsor

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