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Finding a podiatrist you can trust, especially close to where you live, isn’t an easy task. It takes time to encounter someone who understands your needs and who has a personalised approach to treatment.


At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we understand the problems our patients deal with. Our founder, Steven Singh, suffered and recovered from serious sports injuries in his youth. It was clear to him that studying podiatry was a way of helping himself and others with sports-related podiatric conditions. That was the reason why he pursued this course of study at La Trobe University and also obtained Certificates 3 and 4 in fitness.


This vision of helping people move at ease accompanies us in all of our clinics. We strive to assist people of all ages to recover from their foot, ankle and lower leg injuries as well as provide solutions for long-standing conditions. You can count on our podiatrist near Sandringham to treat you with the care and attention you deserve.


Services Offered at MSP

Our focus on sports podiatry allows us to better diagnose and treat sports-related injuries and conditions. At the same time, we also treat widespread conditions such as inflammations, muscular pain or arthritis. Here’s a breakdown of our lower limb health services offered:


  • Diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries
  • Addressing sport-specific issues
  • Assessment of fresh injuries
  • Chronic and occasional pain treatment
  • Podiatric conditions, including posture issues, in children
  • Pregnancy-focused podiatry
  • X-rays
  • Dry needling, strapping, massage and rehabilitation
  • Services aimed at injury prevention
  • Custom-made orthotics for patients of all ages and activity levels

Orthotics for Sandringham Patients

Long hours behind the desk, limited physical activity and individual physiological factors can all contribute to posture and support issues. Custom-made orthotic insoles are a great solution to corrective challenges as well as general footwear discomfort.


Melbourne Sports Podiatry liaises with one of the biggest and most respected orthotic laboratories, Footwork, to provide high-quality orthotic inserts to its patients. Custom-made orthotics are less bulky than their pre-fabricated counterparts. What’s more, they’re made to address the exact issue you’re experiencing.


Our founder, Steven, spent years studying orthotics. He even taught design techniques and theories at his alma mater. He has also published an article on this topic in Run for Life. Steven knows how crucial it is to carefully assess the patient’s condition to design the perfect inserts for them.


Steven’s insights allow us to create orthotics for Sandringham patients that help prevent injuries, relieve pain and enhance your performance. Apart from insoles, you may also receive recommendations on movement re-training and exercises for the best results.


Remember that you don’t need a referral to see one of our specialists. Our professionals are available for consultations in one of our practices as well as for telehealth consultations. Those looking for a podiatrist in Sandringham will find our Brighton clinic to be the most convenient one.


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