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Are you based in Elsternwick and experiencing foot, ankle or lower leg pain? Melbourne Sports Podiatry is a clinic where you’ll find help without a referral. We’re happy to assist all patients who’re trying to achieve pain-free mobility.


An experienced podiatrist near Elsternwick can help you deal with all sorts of lower limb problems. Sports injuries are our specialisation, but our passion is helping everyone move around with ease. Your fitness level doesn’t matter. We also help individuals of all ages, including children with body posture issues.


You can contact us before you start experiencing pain. Remember that it’s always better to prevent than heal injuries. If you’re an amateur, semi-professional or professional sportsperson you may want to use our preventive care services. Learn correct running techniques or get a personalised injury prevention assessment to be aware of your weaknesses.


Our Podiatric Assistance Near Elsternwick

Sometimes patients postpone the visit until their issue is serious and prevents them from exercising. There’s no reason to wait if you or your child is in pain. When conditions or injuries are addressed and treated early, non-invasive solutions are much more likely to be successful.


At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we offer holistic and non-holistic treatments as required. Our first priority is an individualised approach to the patient so that the best solution is found on a case-by-case basis.


You can find the services that our podiatrist near Elsternwick provides below:


  • Pain treatment, including new pain and chronic pain, pain while exercising or during a particular activity, pins and needles, inflammation pain and any other pain of unknown origin in the lower limb area
  • Shin splints
  • Pregnancy-related foot issues
  • Joint, tendon and muscular soreness
  • Skin and nails conditions such as bunions and ingrown nails
  • Myotherapy
  • Orthotics

Orthotics Near Elsternwick

Posture issues are common in the population among people of all ages. To address the lack of correct posture and support, Melbourne Sports Podiatry may recommend exercises, custom-made orthotics or a combination of both strategies.


Our founder, Steven Singh is an experienced podiatrist and a graduate of La Trobe University. He taught the theories and techniques of orthotics design in his alma mater. His expertise drives our clinic to provide personalised orthotics for the best results.


We take great care in the process of preparing orthotics for your needs. We test your strength and balance in order to decide whether retraining or exercises can help to improve your issue. The more detailed our assessment, the better and more comfortable your orthotic insoles will be.


Many people are concerned about bulky or ugly supportive shoes, but with the proper assessment, this isn’t necessary. The correct alignment of your feet will allow you to walk with ease and avoid the pain you’ve been experiencing.


There’s no reason to delay. Book your appointment with us today! Our orthotics nearest Elsternwick as well as other types of podiatric services can be obtained in our Brighton clinic on New Street.

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