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Lower limb issues are very common. Children often suffer from posture problems and growing pains, active adults get injuries and seniors need to learn how to keep active while respecting their ever-changing bodies.


At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we see all sorts of issues in patients of all ages and life circumstances. Here are some examples of common problems:


  • Knock knees, bow legs, in and out-toeing when walking, flat feet, juvenile arthritis and hypermobility in children
  • Prenatal pain, pressure and decreased stability in feet as well as hypermobility and balance issues after giving birth
  • Posture problems and pains during and after recreational running
  • Sports-specific injuries such as shin splints, calf and hamstring tears and tendinopathy in rugby players or nerve pain in the foot and leg, compartment syndrome and hip impingement in skiers and snowboarders
  • Future injury concerns due to previous problems related to sports activities, particularly common inexperienced athletes

Our podiatrist near Cheltenham knows how to address these issues and many others, keeping your best interest in mind. At Melbourne Sports Podiatry we have a lot of experience in treating patients but we keep an open-mind to provide each patient with a personalised treatment.


MSP Foot Clinic Close to Cheltenham

Our expertise is backed up by the impressive professional portfolio of our founder. Steven Singh is a graduate of La Trobe University and a holder of Certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness. He even spent some time teaching at the same university, while already getting more practical experience in his own clinic that you now know as Melbourne Sports Podiatry.


The most important reason to mention Steven is that he decided to study podiatry after suffering and recovering from his own serious sports injuries. A keen sportsperson, he even did representative sport. When it was no longer possible, he decided to channel his energy into helping himself and others as a podiatry specialist. It’s precisely this vision of helping people that we have in mind in all of our clinics when performing our work.


Our foot clinic nearest Cheltenham can be found in Brighton, on New Street. It’s easy to reach for those who drive cars and use public transport. If you consider meeting one of our specialists, doing it sooner rather than later is a good idea. Your foot, ankle and lower limb issue that you’ve noticed is unlikely to go away on its own.


Melbourne Sports Podiatry’s professionals can assist you with all sorts of podiatric issues. Get in touch to tell us about your problem or book an appointment through our user-friendly online system. You don’t need a referral for telehealth or an in-person consultation with an MSP professional.

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