Want to feel the amazing benefits of better posture and support?

Melbourne Sports Podiatry works in conjunction with one of Australia’s biggest orthotic laboratories, Footwork, to test and develop an orthotic design that allows for safe and accurate foot and ankle correction - as well as providing optimal comfort and support. These orthotics are moulded and created specifically in a way, which in comparison to your pre-fabricated orthotic devices, are lighter, less bulky and more durable, all without compromising control.

Custom Made Orthotics by Melbourne Sports Podiatry

The director of Melbourne Sports Podiatry, Steven Singh’s publication in Run For Your Life magazine highlighted the pros and cons of custom made orthotics. In this publication, Steven mentions such benefits of customized orthotics and how if made correctly for your foot, it can positively change your balance, control and power output during dynamic movements.

At Melbourne Sports Podiatry, we still have the capacity to recreate old orthotics or the more ‘conventional’ orthotic if patients are more comfortable and acclimated to the older devices. However, for those who wish to move past old orthotics and opt for customized orthotics, we can do that too. Melbourne Sports Podiatry will help give you the tools to best try and prevent injury, treat your pain and improve your performance. Simply book a consultation with Melbourne Sports Podiatry to ensure you’re receiving our podiatric care.

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