In/Out Toeing, Curly Toes

What is intoeing and out-toeing ?

This is a condition where the toes are pointing in towards the centre of the body or away from the midline of the body. Quite often intoeing is referred to as pigeon toes and out-toeing is referred to as duck feet.

Are intoeing and out-toeing normal for certain ages!

Based on an a child’s growth trajectory, we will always find that width between the two feet will change as opposed to the direction in which the feet point. Mild changes may be seen in some instances. However once past the ages of 4-5 you should be expecting the toes to be pointing straight during standing and walking.

When should you be concerned about intoeing and out-toeing? 

  1. If you are looking from behind at your child’s feet and can see the outer 2 and a half toes.
  2. If you child has hypermobile (“flexible”) limbs and ankles 
  3. If the legs are pointing straight but the toes are still pointing in “metatarsus adductus” 
  4. If the legs are heavily rotated causing the feet to point inwards or outwards.

Why should you be concerned about intoeing and out-toeing?

1) Your feet pointing inwards or outwards can lead to altered stresses on developing bones which can lead to imbalances within the body.

2) Intoeing tends to be correlated with increased ankle rolling and tripping 

3) Out-toeing tends to be correlated with increases in pressure through the arch, medial knee and lateral hip.

4) These habits are much harder to correct in late adolescence as opposed to in childhood and early adolescence.

In-toeing and Curly Toes Treatment for Kids

What can we do for your child at Melbourne Sports Podiatry?

1 ) Look and identifying what level of severity the intoeing and out-toeing is. 

2) Provide appropriate exercises and skills activities for kids and teenagers to implement habitual change to their walking pattern

3) Assess and assist walking vs running patterns

4) Apply changes inside the shoe to help change the direction of the feet

With no referral needed! You have the opportunity to address your concerns at Melbourne Sports Podiatry today. Our Sports Podiatrists are experienced with intoeing and out-toeing, as well as many other conditions in the foot, ankle and leg. So don’t wait, book the next available appointment today.

Out-toeing and Curly Toes Treatment for Kids

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