Flat Feet Check

What is a flat foot and what does it look like?

The term flat foot refers to when the arch in the foot is minimal or collapsed to the point where the middle of the foot is touching the ground. Pronation is the term used to describe an in-wards rotation of the heel or mid foot as the body moves over the ankle during walking. 

Is having a flat foot part of normal development?

Up until the age of 6 the bones within the arch of the foot are developing; hence it is normal for the arch of the foot to appear flat or collapsed. After the age of 6 many of the bones which make up the middle of the foot and arch are formed or otherwise referred to as ossified. Thus the muscles and tendons that attach to these bones now have the ability to help suspend and support these bones to create an arch. 

If above the age of 6, you find that there is no sign of an arch forming and the foot stays flat it is a good idea to have the feet checked. 

Why is proper foot alignment important?

It’s no secret that flat feet can be problematic for both developing kids and adults as they move later on in life. This is because flat feet or feet which over pronate can lead too:

  • Reduction in shock absorption with in the foot and legs
  • Osteo-arthritis, Bunions and Tendon injuries with in the foot and ankle. 
  • Poor posture cascading up the body into the knees, hips and lower back. 
  • Reduction in power output of muscles which assist propulsion in walking and running 
Flat Feet Diagnosis and Treatment Brighton

When should you be concerned about flat feet?

Because feet which are flat through the arch or heavily pronate are at greater risk of issues such as those mentioned above it’s important to get on top of flat feet as early possible. 

This isn’t just limited to growing children. For many adults that have done millions of repetitions through their feet (most people do 10,000 steps a day) it is also vitally important to address flat feet the moment it is recognised. Simply because if there's a moment where foot or leg pain does occur, it can become significantly harder to alleviate the stress on the feet and legs due to poorly repeated biomechanics over a long period of time.

What can we do for your child at Melbourne Sports Podiatry?

  • Address the severity of the flat feet and continually monitor the feet. 
  • X-Ray referral with bulk billing options available if there is an underlying issue that may need investigation.
  • In shoe wedging, taping and/or orthotics for kids that need improved alignment in their feet and legs. 
  • Best practice exercises to help develop strength and balance through the feet and arch. 
  • Footwear advice for school shoes, runners and sports specific shoes.
Flat Feet Therapies For Kids

With no referral needed! You have the opportunity to address your concerns at Melbourne Sports Podiatry today. Our Sports Podiatrists are experienced with flat feet and many other conditions in the foot, ankle and leg. So don’t wait, book the next available appointment today.

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